Adam Laxalt "eligible" to return to old firm but won't release performance reviews

Like many of us, the Reno Gazette-Journal's Ray Hagar is curious about Republican attorney general hopeful Adam Laxalt's legal career as he is running to be the state's top lawyer.

Laxalt has only lived in Nevada for about three years and not much is known about him, unlike his foe, Secretary of State Ross Miller. Hagar first asked on "Nevada Newsmakers" for Laxalt to release his military records and performance reviews, then wrote a follow-up piece that posted Thursday night. It is astonishing, mostly for the letter Laxalt gave to Hagar from the firm that once employed him.

"The Firm does not release internal performance reviews for its lawyers, as they contain confidential information, including information about Firm clients and relationships," the letter from Lewis Rocha Rothgerber LLP said.

I see. So Laxalt does not have his own copies of his performance reviews? Interesting.

Then this: "In 2012, the Firm promoted you to an Of Counsel position."

Really? A promotion to Of Counsel.

I'm no lawyer, but I thought "Of Counsel" was a fancy moniker for prestigious names law firms like to link to their enterprise or for lawyers not on a partner track. But a promotion? I don't think so.

Don't take my word for it. Here's the legal definition

Finally, there is this: "You are eligible to return to the Firm after the election, should you choose to do so."

Eligible? Why not use the word "welcome," I wonder? Of course he is eligible. That means nothing.

I have, as Hagar did, asked the campaign for the reviews and his military records.

Crickets so far.