ACLU sends demand letter to Elko School District alleging violations of state and federal law

A couple of weeks after Elko school trustees, encouraged by three conservative legislators, declined to invoke an anti-bullying law to protect a transgender student, the ACLU of Nevada is signaling it intends to sue.

On Tuesday, the ACLU sent a letter (see below) that demands the district respond by Tuesday: "The Elko County School District’s refusal to allow Doe to use the boys’ restroom violates Title IX, the Equal Protection Clause, and both Nevada public accommodation laws and Nevada laws prohibiting bullying."

The district, after appearances by Jim Wheeler, Ira Hansen and John Ellison, denied the student's right to use a bathroom of the gender he identifies with,  as I wrote last week.

ACLUNV_Elko County School District Demand Letter by Jon Ralston