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Nevada Senate Republicans continue Hispanic-friendly moves

First it was Gov. Brian Sandoval moving to the middle on immigration issues.

And now, just a few moments ago, the Senate Republicans, apparently kicking off their 2014 effort to retake the upper house (OK, I'm cynical), issued this release:

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, with the support of Governor Brian Sandoval, announced this week that its policy would be to honor the employment authorization card granted to successful applicants under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Deferred Action program. 

Democratic Assemblywoman April Mastroluca will resign

April Mastroluca, a Democratic assemblywoman poised to play a key role in the 2013 Legislature, will send a letter to Gov. Brian Sandoval on Friday announcing her resignation.

The stunning move comes after the potential Ways and Means chairwoman decided, she says, that she could no longer serve because of what she described as family issues. She declined to elaborate, but she sounded shaken during a phone conversation.

America's Voice speaks a little too loudly about Hispanic vote in Nevada

I understand that Hispanic advocates are ecstatic about the record turnout in Nevada this cycle, as much as 19 percent of the vote, according to exit polls.

Indeed, the Latino landslide for President Obama helped him easily win Nevada again. Exit polls showed Obama won Hispanics by 50 points or more, contributing to his more than 6 percentage point win here.

New Sun boss: What you thought was news is not news

In an email sent to employees today, one day after KSNV and the Review-Journal reported on a management shakeup, Paul Hamilton, overseeing the Greenspun family finances and now in firm control of the Las Vegas Sun, sent this to the newspaper's employees:

Last night, a story was circulated regarding changes in the management of the Greenspun companies. I would like to set the record straight on a couple of points.

Tarkanian loses another round in court, may have to pay judgment or declare bankruptcy

In what has become a familiar pattern, a court has swatted away failed congressional hopeful Danny Tarkanian's attempts to avoid paying any money toward a $17 million judgment against him and his family.

Tarkanian staved off filing bankruptcy during his campaign in what was seen as an obvious move to preserve his electoral viability. But that may no longer be an option after a couple of court decisions this week -- the documents are attached here.

Miller causes stir with voter ID proposal



It’s hard to imagine a more unlikely sponsor of a voter ID bill than Democratic Secretary of State Ross Miller.

When ideology trumps reality

I understand the “newspaper” has lost a lot of institutional knowledge with its gutting of its editorial work force during the last six months. But this morning's editorial either tendentiously or ignorantly erases history to make an ideological point.

How to save the Nevada GOP

'Tis the season of giving, so in that spirit I offer my advice for the troubled Nevada Republican Party, which was the subject of this unintentioanlly humorous piece in the "newspaper" that included the Clark GOP chairwoman withholding support for Gov. Brian Sandoval.

Teachers union tax petition has enough signatures; paid $460,000 to get it done

The state teachers union has sufficient signatures to qualify its margin tax petition, and it reports having paid 205 circulators a total of $460,000.

That's according to the secretary of state -- documents attached here. Now that the raw numbers of 152,713 signatures has been counted -- more than twice as many as were needed -- clerks will now examine statutory amounts of signatures in selected counties. They have nine days to do so.

But remember: The state Supreme Court has to decide next month if the petition can move forward to be considered by the Legislature.

Rookie senator forms PAC three days after election

Mark Hutchison, who parlayed his role as Nevada's lawyer fighting Obamacare to a state Senate seat, formed a political action committee three days after he was elected this month.

Records show Hutchison formed "Nevada Strong, Inc," on Nov. 9, with its purpose "to support political candidates and causes."

Oh? Who? And when?

Hutchison surely wouldn't be thinking of running for attorney general right after getting elected, just as his colleague Greg Brower is, would he? I am sure this is just to help OTHER candidates and causes, not his own, right?