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KTNV's David Schuman caught up with the governor and asked him about those subjects; I added some color. Sandoval on Trump: Sandoval on stadium:
Full interview with Jennifer Crowe, communications director of Nevadans for Background Checks: My news hit:
Full interview: Goodman on Clinton: Goodman on stadium: Goodman on school choice:
WELCOME TO THE WEEKLY REPORT This week: 1.  Three months out and the latest on voter registration trends in key legislative races 2. Three months out and the latest predictions in key races 3. Impact of Supremes decision on solar 4. Smartest/dumbest moves of the week My insiders outdid themselves this week with great stuff. Here is their take on major races: ►US Senate: Pure toss-up. Some think Heck because he is better candidate, third-party spending; others think Hispanic vote, Trump collapse...
This was Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid after Hillary Clinton's visit to Las Vegas at a union hall -- best part is at 2:40 when I asked him if Donald Trump is qualified to be president: