Assembly committee chairs to be announced soon -- Carlton, Bobzien, Benitez-Thompson and Frierson will get key posts

The Assembly will be organized very soon, I'm told, and here is some of what is coming (Note the snubbing of Lucy Flores, long on the outs with Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick):

Ways and Means:

Chair--Maggie Carlton (The Sun's David McGrath Schwartz beat me to this)

Vice-chair: William Horne

Government Affairs

Chair--Theresa Benitez Thompson

Vice-chair--Dina Neal


Chair-- Jason Frierson

Vice-chair--James Ohrenschall

Chair--Marilyn Dondero Loop

Vice-chair--Ellen Spiegel

Chair--David Bobzien

Vice-chair--Marilyn Kirkpatrick

Chair--James Ohrenschall

Vice-chair--Lucy Flores


Chair--Richard Carillo

Vice-chair--Joe Hogan

Natural Resources

Chair--Skip Daley

Vice-chair--Paul Aizley