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Las Vegas Chamber to members: Margins tax is "ill‐conceived and misleading public policy measure"

This missive went out today to the thousands of Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce members about the margins tax that the Legislature must consider:


Dear Las Vegas Metro Chamber members,

Today, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled that an initiative petition to enact a “margin” tax on business is
eligible to move forward. The state legislature now has 40 days from the start of the session next week
to pass the proposal. If they do not, it will be on the ballot in 2014 for voters to decide.

State Supreme Court forces lawmakers to take a stand on taxes

The Branch of Inaction now has no choice but to take action.

After decades of quarter-measures and half-promises, the Legislature must finally take a stand on a business tax. And in forcing the Gang of 63 to stand up or roll over, the the state Supreme Court has ushered in what is sure to be a battle royale not seen in 10 years, not since the dreaded gross receipts tax was immolated in a bonfire of ineptitude, fear-mongering and cowardice.

Clark County constable wonders if memos constitute "deprivation of rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution"

Yes, that's what Constable John Bonaventura, whose office some county commissioners want to abolish, says about two memos, attached here, about how to conduct business during the legislative session.

The memos have to do with procedures for getting travel to Carson City approverd -- just a week after one of Bonaventura's constables accompanied troubled Assemblyman Steven Brooks to the capital.

"Travel to Carson City that has not been requested by the county's lobby team is strongly discouraged," one of the memos reads from Manager Don Burnette.

Culinary plans first picket on Strip in more than a decade

UPDATE: The Culinary has settled the economic issues with Margaritaville, so the picket line will only be at the Cosmopolitan.


The Culinary union is planning to picket the Cosmopolitan and Margaritaville properties on the Las Vegas Strip on Thursday, an indication that negotiations are at a stalemate.

"Just because Chairman Priebus looked me in the eye and made a promise to help Nevada does not mean it will happen. "

Republican National Committeeman James Smack was set to support a potential foe to Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus, but changed his mind after Priebus came to Las Vegas last week, he writes in a memo to the faithful.

It's clear that Smack knew his decision would anger some Ron Paul backers, who were furious with Priebus for rule changes they believe hurt their man in Tampa last year.  But Smack chose practical politics over dedication to the forces of liberty -- or words to that effect:

Assembly Democrats say session goes on whether Brooks is there or not

An odd statement, to say the least, one that essentially states the obvious:


Our plan for the opening day of the 77th Legislative Session is to conduct business as usual with the traditional opening ceremonies and referral of pre-filed bills to committees.


The full body of the Assembly will begin regular activities on day one with the members in attendance.