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This is not 2008

This is not 2008.

That statement may seem obvious. But partisans looking for an advantage in the run-up to the election insist on using the last presidential election as a baseline (Republicans) or an outlier (Democrats) for 2012. This is nonsense.

Give the Legislature more power? I say yes


Nobody knows better than I the mischief that the Gang of 63 can create in Carson City, if given half a chance. Or 120 days.

So the idea to allow lawmakers to have the latitude to call themselves back to the capital for fun, games and an occasional meaningful bill scares me as much as anyone. But it’s still the right thing to do, and I’m going to vote for Question 1 on the ballot.

Let me tell you why:

Sandoval does ad for Romney, takes on President Obama's policies

Gov. Brian Sandoval, the most popular elected official in Nevada, has cut a TV ad for Mitt Romney, whom he embraced late in the game but is now all in for the GOP nominee.

Sandoval, who has been in recent Romney mailers, says in the ad that President Obama's policies "haven't helped. They've hurt us, and they're holding us back."

Why does "newspaper" continue to allow noxious musings of defrocked "publisher" on its site?

That Sherm Frederick is a bitter old man after his cashiering two years ago is not in question.

After "leading" the Las Vegas Review-Journal into the journalistic swamp, with complicity from underlings, Frederick's obsessive crusade against Harry Reid ended shortly after its failure when he was suddenly no longer an executive with the paper.

Random thought of the day on Nevada politics

It occurred to me while talking to a reporter from CBS News about the election that Nevada is potentially anomalous in two races of national import:

1. How in the world in a state with arguably the worst economy in the country is the president even close, much less ahead? Mitt Roimney should be winning by double digits in a state where the unemployment rate is 50 percent higher than the national average and the housing boom turned into a housing implosion? Answer: The Democratic machine and the Hispanic vote

Site readers: Sandoval will run for U.S. Senate

That's how you answered the site poll.

It wasn't close: 57 percent of you said Gov. Brian Sandoval will run for the U.S. Senate in 2016 -- either against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, or someone else if Reid retires. More than 400 people participated. Very sceintific.

A new poll is up about the president's margin in Clark County.